STAR 101.5 Money Matters: The Cost of Pet Ownership

Adopting a pet? Consider the expenses of ownership and the daily essentials to keep a pet healthy and happy.

August 23, 2021

Spending a year in quarantine may have made you long for a pet. But it pays to consider what it costs to own one before you commit. For example, upfront expenses for adopting, outfitting, vaccinating, and spaying or neutering your furry companion can run as high as a thousand dollars. And don’t forget to consider essentials like food, flea meds, grooming, licensing fees, toys, and annual visits to the vet. Not to mention boarding costs when you travel—or emergency vet bills. Of course, you may argue that the joy a pet brings outweighs any of these costs. And that’s true. But running the numbers first can help sweeten the deal for both of you.

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