STAR 101.5 Money Matters: Should You Update to the Newest Smartphone?

The new smartphones are out, with all their shiny bells and whistles. Before you buy, consider the costs of updating—including whether you even need to!

September 27, 2021

It’s that time of year when the tech companies start rolling out their new smartphones. But do you actually need a new phone, or are you just tempted by all the latest features? If your current phone can no longer download software updates, many of which contain important security features, a new phone makes sense. And while sluggish performance can be a sign that your current phone is out of memory, the problem might also be solved by simply replacing the battery. Remember, a new phone can cost as much as $1,000—or even more, if you’re buying it over time through your carrier. It’s worth weighing your options before making the call.

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