What to watch in theaters and at home this weekend August 13-15, 2021

Emilia Jones, Troy Kostur,{ }Marlee Matlin, Daniel Durant star in CODA an Apple TV+ Original Film (Photo: Apple TV+)

Let’s start off with the bad news, “Respect” and “Don’t Breathe 2” weren’t screened for me and I wasn’t in the position to catch a showing of either last night. I’m not surprise with “Don’t Breathe 2,” a lot of studios don’t show horror films to mainstream journalists. I liked “Don’t Breathe,” would have liked to see its sequel. “Respect” not being shown is something of a shock. An Aretha Franklin biopic starring Jennifer Hudson has Oscar potential written all over it. Maybe that potential was left unfulfilled?

Here’s what I did see.


I love everything about this movie. The story is centered on Ruby (Emilia Jones), a teenager, who is the only hearing member of her family. All her life she has served as a bridge between her deaf parents (Academy Award winner Marlee Matlin, Troy Kotsur) and brother (Daniel Durant) and the hearing world. But Ruby has fallen in love with singing and has an insatiable crush on a classmate that begin to pull her away from her family.

We’ve seen this kind of story before. We haven’t seen this kind of story from this perspective. The performances are fantastic. Director/writer Sian Heder has put together something marvelous. [Full Review]

Where to watch: Apple TV+

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds stars as Guy, a secondary and insignificant video game character, who becomes increasingly sentient after seeing the woman of his dreams. By itself, that wouldn't have been enough to carry "Free Guy." Thankfully, we also have a storyline that involves Millie (Jodie Comer), a game programmer, who believes that Antoine (Taika Waititi) stole her ideas and code to create the massively popular game "Free City" where Guy lives.

Where to watch: Theaters

Misha and the Wolves

A documentary surrounding the story of Misha, a young Jewish girl, who was taken in by a Catholic family when her parents were taken away by the Nazis. Driven by her desire to find her family, Misha ran away and was eventually taken in by a pack of wolves who treated her as one of their own. Sometimes, true stories that seem stranger than fiction aren't quite what they seem. Sometimes the truth is equally bizarre.

Where to watch: Netflix

What If...?

Marvel's new animated series "What If...?" takes well-known scenarios from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and imagines what might have happened if one decision, action or event was slightly different. What if Steve Rogers didn't become Captain America. What if Star Lord was actually as feared and revered as his ego suggests? These 30-minute diversions will be appearing on Disney+ every Wednesday. Don't over think this. These events are not part of the sacred timeline. If there really is a sacred timeline. The first three episodes are solid.

Where to watch: Disney+

Next week brings Hugh Jackman's "Reminiscence" to theaters and HBO Max. I'll have interviews with Jackman, co-stars Thandiwe Newton, Daniel Wu and director/writer Lisa Joy.

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