New DVD, Blu-ray and digital release highlights for the week of March 8-14, 2021

(from left) Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Tom Hanks) and Johanna Leonberger (Helena Zengel) in News of the World, co-written and directed by Paul Greengrass. (Photo: Universal)

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — It's a quiet week, let's dive in to it.


  • News of the World - Paul Greengrass directs Tom Hanks in this post-Civil War drama that sees Hanks star as Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a man who travels from town to town reading the news. On his journey Kidd finds himself in charge of Johanna (Helena Zengel) a young girl who was kidnapped and raised by the Kiowa people six years earlier. It's up to Kidd to get Johanna back to her family. Hanks is quite good. Zengel gives the kind of performance that suggests we'll be seeing her in more films for years to come. Visually, it's a little more subdued than you'd expect from Greengrass. Highly recommended. (Full Review)

DVD and Blu-ray

  • On-Gaku: Our Sound - Kenji Iwaisawa's acclaimed adaptation of Hiroyuki Ohashi's manga "Ongaku and Manga" took seven years to make and was predominantly hand drawn by Iwaisawa. The story sees three High School students forming a band in hopes of finding a place in the world where being a delinquent isn't a bad thing.
  • Russian Raid - Inspired by 2011's "The Raid: Redemption," "Russian Raid" swaps out the high-rise setting for a factory and features numerous Russian MMA fighters. Even in the original film, a classic when it comes to fight choreography and cinematography, was a little short on plot as it essentially follows a man as he fights his way from Point A to Point B. Where "Russian Raid" stumbles is that the choreography isn't as inventive or as well performed.
  • Rent-a-Pal - This psychological thriller set in the early 1990s sees David (Brian Landis Folkins), a lonely man, who lives at home to care for his mother. Unable to get out to socialize, the man signs up for a VHS dating service. Disappointed by the results, David buys a tape titled "Rent-a-Pal" and embarks on a journey into darkness as hosted by Andy (Wil Wheaton), a man who will be your best friend for a price.
  • Vanguard - Jackie Chan fans will find the expected mix of comedy and action in this appealing, albeit familiar, story of a man who is forced to hire a security agency when he is targeted by a group of mercenaries.
  • Touki Bouki - Djibril Diop Mamb├ęty's film about a young couple in Senegal who fantasize about running away to France was released in 1973 and was restored by Martin Scorsese's World Cinema Project in 2008. Previously available in the first World Cinema Project box sets. It is now available as a stand-alone release.

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