New DVD, Blu-ray and digital release highlights for the week of January 11-17, 2021

Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan star in Francis Lee's Ammonite (See-Saw Films){ }

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — There's no shortage of films being released on DVD, Blu-ray and digital this week. Unfortunately, the majority of them are unfamiliar movies released by smaller studios. Here are a few that stood out.

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  • Ammonite - Kate Winslet stars as Mary Anning, a fossil collector who made numerous discoveries in the 1800s and helped to shape the modern ideas about prehistoric life. Anning is a real person. "Ammonite" is a fictional fantasy built within the blank pages of Anning's life. Written and directed by Francis Lee ("God's Own Country"), the film is built around the idea that Anning, who never married, embarked on an affair with a young woman, Charlotte Murchison (Saoirse Ronan), who suffers from various aliments and has come to convalesce by the sea.
  • Lupin III: The First - Based on the Japanese manga series from the late 1960s about a refined gentleman thief, "Lupin III: The First" sees the larcenist set out on a globetrotting adventure to find the Bresson Diary, a book of secrets that holds the key to the Bresson family fortune.
  • Spell - Following a small aircraft accident in Appalachia, a man alone wakes in the home of a voodoo practicing stranger who claims to be nursing him back to health. Their motivations prove to be more sinister.
  • Go / Don't Go - Much like the maps featured in the film, writer/director/star Alex Knapp's movie is a journey without direction. The present and the past intertwine as Adam explores suburban life as the last man on Earth. Where everyone else, those he loves and obsesses over, seem to simply have gone. There's a bit of Shane Carruth influence in there, but not quite enough. Interesting. Not fully formed.
  • Jungleland - Charlie Hunnam and Jack O’Connell star in this drama about a pair of brothers struggling to make a name (and a living) in the world of bare-knuckle boxing.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: the Complete Twelfth Season - The twelfth season of the adventures of SpongeBob SquarePants and the citizens of Bikini Bottom. At this point, you're either in or your out.
  • The Twilight Zone: Season Two - Jordan Peele hosts this second season of the latest incarnation of the 1959 anthology television series. This season features guest appearances from the likes of Morena Baccarin, Sky Ferreira, Joel McHale, Jenna Elfman and George Takei.


  • Batman: Soul of the Dragon - The latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie sees a young Bruce Wayne traveling to a secret monastery in Japan where wayward student opens a gateway to the realm of serpent god Nga.
  • Oliver Sacks: His Own Life - Oliver Sacks, the famed neurologist, is profiled in this enlightening documentary that reveals Sacks to be a unconventional historian of science who wasn't free of his own demons and psychological hurdles. Highly recommended.

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