HBO Max picks up 87,000 new users at launch

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HBO Max picked up 87k new users at launch. (Photo: WarnerMedia via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — HBO Max is up and running. While it's unclear how well the new streaming service will do up against giants like Netflix and Hulu, there's one thing that's certain.

HBO Max, owned by AT&T, picked up 87,000 new users on its launch day, Sensor Tower reported.

That number seems like a lot, but compared to other platforms, like Quibi, that picked up 380,000 initial subscribers, or Disney Plus, which snagged 5 million at its launch, 87,000 pales in comparison.

However, HBO Max has "standout programs for everyone, from kids through adults," WarnerMedia Entertainment Chair Bob Greenblatt said.

Rather than replace other popular streaming services, Greenblatt said he wants HBO Max to be an option alongside them.

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