Bellagio opens its 2020 holiday conservatory display

Bellagio Conservatory Winter Display 2020 - East Bed 01.jpg
Bellagio Conservatory Winter Display 2020 - East Bed. (MGM Resorts)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The seasons are changing once again and the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is ready to greet the final holiday of the year.

The gardens ushered in the holiday season with another extravagant display -- this year entitled "Her Majesty Queen Bellissima."

This year's offering features a 42-foot-tall silvertip fir tree covered with thousands of lights, an oversized ornamental egg, four majestic horses pulling a carriage and bustling elves preparing the Queen's quarters for the holiday.

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“Our amazing horticulture and facilities teams at Bellagio work tirelessly to create and bring to life five themed displays throughout the year,” said designer Ed Libby. “For our final display of 2020, we wanted to deliver a sense of joy and beauty to every person who visits, hoping each guest heads home with a beautiful new memory to share with loved ones as we head into a promising new year.”

There are four scenes within the conservatory.

The West Garden has a 42-foot-tree with 7,000 sights, 2,500 gold and red ornaments, and capped with a Swarovski crystal tree topper. A family of Coca-Cola polar bears watches the five-car toy train circle the tree.

In the North Garden is an ornamental egg placed in a fountain of water and surrounded by Poinsettia flowers. Visitors will see cardinals inside the doors of the egg and oversized pine cones around the bed.

The East Garden is where the Queen's European-themed carriage sits. The carriage is decorated with jewels and pearl-curtained windows, a red velvet interior and a red carpet.

Finally, the South Bed features elves working to create a magical experience -- paying homage to the designers and workers who created the display itself.

The entire holiday display consists of:

  • 13,780: Total flowers on display for the duration of the exhibit
  • 8,000: Poinsettias
  • 7,000: LED lights on the holiday tree
  • 2,500: Ornaments on the holiday tree
  • 2,300: White carnations and hydrangeas to create each baby polar bear
  • 322: Tufts of red velvet with crystal buttons inside the carriage
  • 75: Team members who participate in the display’s assembly
  • 25: Lit silvertip fir trees
  • 11: Hanging glimmering stars
  • 7: Elves
  • 6: Days to complete the change out
  • 5: Polar bears
  • 4: Horses

Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens is complimentary to the public and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Hopeful Holidays” will be on display through January 9, 2021.

COVID safety precautions are in place for guests visiting the gardens. More information can be found at

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