Kent & AlanMorning Show Hosts

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Weekdays 6- 10 a.m.

The most well recognized and long running morning team in Seattle, Kent and Alan have beaten all odds in an industry where on-air talent turn over like a well flipped egg!

Kent Phillips- Morning Show Host and Program Director

Gets up at 3a and leaves the station at 5p, Kent is your classic over-achiever. In addition to his on-air responsibilities and programming STAR 101.5, Kent runs the Bellevue Civic Theatre, consults radio stations throughout the country and has various "business interests" that we just don't ask about.

Background: Been broadcasting for 37 years in Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Walla Walla

Charity Involvement: Starlight, Habitat for Humanity, Ballet Bellevue, ECS School Board

Family & Hobbies: Been married to Kelley for 34 years and has 2 grown kids. Loves acting, hot-yoga, travel and tennis

Alan Budwill- Morning Show Host

Devoted husband and dad of three, Alan has been broadcasting for 38 years (29 with Kent). Alan enjoys weekends in the San Juans, playing trains with his sonor by himself, playing the sax and caring for pets.

Favorite TV Shows: Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock

Charity Involvement: Animal Welfare, Wolf Hollow, Washington Environmental Council