Your lifetime, calculated in jobs, sick days, raises...and office romances

We learned from "Rent" that there are 525,600 minutes in a year, which can be measured in cups of coffee and sunsets. But a British healthcare provider has calculated a lifetime in a little bit of a different way -- in pay raises, jobs held down...and office romances

UK-based benenden health released a report today explaining the real seasons of love. Here's what they found:

The average Briton (which are quite a bit like the average American, so we think it still holds) will have, in a lifetime:

  • Six jobs

  • 12 pay raises (or two per job)

  • 125 sick days

  • 188 days when they're late to work

  • 10 job interviews

  • three major fights at work and...

  • One office romance

Do you think these figures accurately encapsulate your experience? Tally up your own life in the comments.

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