Yes, hands-free texting is still super-dangerous

Allow this very-reasonable man to explain to you what AAA found in a new study regarding your phone, your car, and your safety. Then consider some of these facts from the US government and AAA:

  • Every 13 minutes, someone is killed on the roadways in the United States.

  • Distracted driving increases your risk of a collision; in 2010 at least 18% of accidents were caused by a distracted driver. That number continues to go up as more cars offer more distractions.

  • Drivers using a handheld device are four times more likely to be involved in an accident.

But "distracted driving" isn't limited to physically texting -- the new AAA study revealed that using voice commands narrowed drivers' field of vision as much as texting with an actual device, possibly because voice commands, while smart, can still be glitchy and thus, require greater focus. And the more you're focusing on trying to call your friend or order a pizza, the less you're focusing on the road.

By 2018, it's predicted that there will be nearly seven times as many cars on the road which feature voice commands, which range from turning on the windshield wipers to updating your Facebooks status. Which is cool for auto makers, but dangerous for those of us who are out driving around.

Moral of the story: Just because your car includes voice-to-text doesn't mean you should be using it.

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