Why was Madonna dressed like this at the GLAAD Awards?

Madonna may be known for her ever-evolving look, but her most recent get-up has been one of the more talked-about choices that she's made of late. The 54-year-old pop star showed up at the weekend's GLAAD Awards wearing a Boy Scouts uniform -- because, as she explained, "I think they should change their stupid rule."

In her 10-minute speech, Mo had some choice words for the organization, which has notably excluded LGBT individuals. Madonna also took the opportunity to preach tolerance, addressing the rampant bullying of gay and lesbian children and the dangers of technology.

The singer and yoga practitioner isn't the only one who's been critical of the Boy Scouts' exclusionary policy recently. Both Train and Carly Rae Jepson backed out of playing the Scouts' annual Jamboree, citing support of the LGBT community.

Madonna was onstage to present an award to Anderson Cooper.

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