What is Katy Perry up to with this new 'Roar' teaser?

Katy Perry has been avidly teasing her new single, "Roar," which is slated for release a week from today, on August 12. But what does this funeral scene have anything to do with it?

This is the second teaser for the single -- the first featured a stone-faced Perry setting fire to a blue wig, probably an homage to her poppy roots and an indication that her new music would be less "Teenage Dream" and more "teenagers playing with a Ouija board."

In the new teaser, she's looking serious at the memorial for a white casket covered in candy-striped pinwheels. Perhaps she's laying to rest her "California Girl" persona?

"Roar" is set to be the first single off her forthcoming October album, called "Prism," which is getting a lot of press in its own right. As part of the hype for the album, a mysterious gold-plated semi-truck has been tooling around the country to get fans excited.

Perry has yet to release what's in the truck. A bunch of sparkly tombstones? Burning firework-bras? Snoop Lion? It's hard to say.

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