Want a shirt that Macklemore wore? Hit the thrift shops

Hometown hero and independent artist Macklemore does what he can to keep prices low on his merchandise, tickets and music. Unfortunately for fans, a lot of people want a piece of the rapper's success, which means where there's profit to be made, prices will be raised. In an attempt to curb the cost of fandom, Macklemore announced a new plan today -- he's planted some merch, which he's personally worn, at Seattle-area thrift-shops.

In a Facebook post today, Mack encouraged fans to pirate his album and share it with friends, to buy tickets and music directly from him, and, if they really wanted a t-shirt, to do like he says in his huge single, "Thrift Shop," and go pop some tags.

"Can't afford a t-shirt? Try Seattle area Goodwills and Value Villages.... we just donated a bunch that I have worn at shows," a status on his official Facebook reads.

Macklmore made waves last week when information about a secret music video shoot leaked early and incorrectly, causing huge crowds to turn out on Broadway and requiring producers of the music video to extend a city-issued permit to keep the road closed.

With producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore sold out two December concerts at Key Arena within a matter of minutes and hours, respectively. The duo then added a third date, which has not yet sold out.

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