VIDEO: Here's that 'NSYNC reunion

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"You asked for it," said Justin Timberlake just before he was joined onstage by all five of the original members of 'NSYNC for a medley performance that delighted the fans at Barclays Center in Brooklyn for last night's Video Music Awards.

Timberlake was probably referring to the firestorm of rumors and excitement that were swirling leading up to the award show. The boy band, who topped charts and played the VMAs back in the early 2000s, hadn't performed together for more than a decade. But when they were spotted together last week, the rumors began to pick up.

'NSYNC member Lance Bass would neither confirm nor deny the rumors on his satelite radio show, though the fact that he didn't outright quash the story hinted that there was some truth to it. Then, as the performance grew closer, another band member did seem to add some credence to the rumor.

"They're doing a performance," he told RadarOnline.

Audience members -- including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, who sat together and appeared to chat and hug throughout the show -- responded with huge applause.

Timberlake was present to perform and accept an achievement award, and was nominated for six total VMAs. He took home three.

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