'Two and a Half Men' renewed, minus one notable cast member

CBS's hit show seems to have recovered just fine without original star Charlie Sheen; CBS has confirmed that "Two and a Half Men" will be renewed for another season. However, the cast will be notably short half a man -- Angus T. Jones, who plays the character of Jake, seems to have been phased out, Deadline reports.

20-year-old Jones, who has been on the show since he was just 10 years old, recently got into hot water following a YouTube video which showed him describing himself as "a paid hypocrite." However, his advice to viewers not to watch the show is probably not the reason Jones's role on the show has been reduced; in the final episode of the ninth season, his character graduated from high school and joined the Army, which indicates that Jones has planned to leave the show for some time. In recent interviews, he admitted that he'd like to go to college.

The other two co-stars, Ashton Kutcher and John Cryer, are both confirmed to return in the new season.

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