'Twilight' star Ashley Greene's condo needs to be gutted following tragic fire

After an unattended candle caused Ashley Greene's West Hollywood condo, TMZ reports the damage sustained was so serious that the place would have to be completely cleared out, including tearing out walls and removing the floor. No humans were hurt in the blaze (beyond some smoke inhalation, KTLA confirmed), but one of Greene's dogs was unable to be saved by firefighters.

The two-alarm fire was put out in under half an hour, but that didn't stop it from doing such extensive that the third floor unit will require a complete remodel.

Sources say that the 26-year-old's condo isn't the only one that needs work following the fire; moisture damage from dousing the flames lead to damage in at least four other units in Greene's building.

Greene, who is active on Twitter, has yet to make mention of the terrifying experience.

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