'The Little Mermaid' returns to theaters with 100% more iPad

Beginning next week, a new generation of youngsters will be able to experience Disney's "The Little Mermaid" on the big screen -- although the presence of many smaller screens may be distracting to those of the previous generation.

Called Second Screen Live, the promotion encourages moviegoers to download a special interactive app and bring their iPads to the theater with them. Then, they're prompted to use their tablets throughout the film for special features and games. Audience members are also asked to sing along with the classic animated film.

Critics are already addressing one very major potential problem with the campaign: That other people's screens make watching a film kind of difficult. Apple blog TUAW called it "the worst idea ever."

"Should we as a culture further demystify going to see a movie by normalizing children to the idea that it's okay to play with their smartphones and tablets during movies?" writes John-Michael Bond.

Second Screen Live is still a little experimental for Disney -- the film is only being re-released in select cities, of which Seattle is not one -- and is only running for about a month.

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