The Jonas Brothers confirm: It really is over

After the Jonas Brothers announced two weeks ago that they were taking some time off due to "creative differences," fans were left in the lurch, searching the band-members respective Twitter feeds for clues as to whether or not they'd be rescheduling the concerts they canceled. But this week, the JoBros confirmed that there would be no more shows; the band really had broken up...for now.

Speaking to "People" magazine, Nick, Kevin and Joe explained that they'd come to the decision together.

"It was a unanimous decision," Joe told the magazine, though the other two where quick to qualify the confirmation.

"It's really hard to say 'forever'...[but] we're closing a chapter, for sure," Nick explained.

The brothers had 19 tour dates planned prior to the announcement that they'd be taking time apart.

The Jonas Brothers first rose to fame in 2007 as Disney Channel stars, and later went on to tour with fellow Disney alumn Demi Lovato.

There is no word about whether or not Nick Jonas, who has worked as a soloist, will continue to make music on his own.

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