Surprise! It may be cheaper to eat out than to cook at home

Contrary to what conventional wisdom has traditionally preached, the rising cost of food in supermarkets (and the myriad cut-rate dining options available) may have turned the tables when it comes to feeding your family on the cheap. According to a recent report, eating out can actually be less expensive than shopping for groceries and cooking at home.

Value menus, the ability for restaurants (particularly chains) to buy in bulk and the spiking cost of food in grocery stores all contributed to the findings uncovered by a new study by GoBankingRates, which compared the cost of meals in restaurants and the cost of cooking similar meals at home.

But of course, one of the main ways that restaurants cut costs is also by cutting quality. Sure, by the numbers, it's cheaper to eat fast food every day -- but when factoring in the medical costs of America's expanding waistlines, it's probably not actually the less expensive option.

The bottom line? Eating out can be a convenient and even cost-effective choice sometimes, but keeping an eye on the quality of what you eat is still an investment in your health.

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