Starbucks is not playing along with NYC's sugary drink ban

Seattle coffee giant Starbucks is known as much for their coffee as they are for their gigantic drink sizes -- which may get them into trouble in a few days, when New York City's ban on sugary drinks over 16 ounces kicks in. But, say reps for the company, they don't intend to change their practices.

The controversial ban, which was implemented by Mayor Mike Bloomberg as an anti-obesity measure and is mainly targeted at soda, goes into effect on Monday, and could, theoretically, force Starbucks to cease selling sweet drinks like Frappucinos in their largest sizes, like the Venti (which is 20 ounces) and Trenta (which is 31). Except that Starbucks doesn't see it that way.

"We believe that the majority of our products fall outside of the ban given the ability of our customers to customize their beverage," a representative for the company told Yahoo! News.

According to NBC, the sticking point for Starbucks is that many of their drinks don't come pre-sweetened, and that customers can request that their drinks come without sweetener, which places them outside of the ban.

However, many Starbucks drinks do come pre-sweetened and don't offer an option for a less sugary substitute, as is the case with Frappucinos, which come as a pre-mixed product that is blended.

Still, Starbucks says, as it stands currently, they won't be making any policy changes.

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