So you think you can dance? Come down and prove it

Matt Harding has traveled the world, teaching people to dance. That's pretty much what he does. You may have seen his website, Where The Hell Is Matt?. And tomorrow, the answer is: Matt's in Seattle! He's coming to our very own Fisher Plaza, and he wants to teach you his funky little dance.

It's pretty simple: You come down, you learn Matt's dance, you become an instant internet celebrity (ok, not really, but you will get to be in a YouTube video that'll be viewed by possibly millions of people around the world!), and then you go on your merry way, a little bit happier for having participated in something so unusual. The whole thing takes about 30 minutes, is free to join -- and will be filmed by our friends at KOMO 4.

Matt's gathering dancers at 1pm tomorrow. Tell your boss that you have to pick up your dry-cleaning. Come on down. Bring some friends. Bring your co-workers.

Want more information about Matt? Check out his YouTube channel to get a taste of what you'll be doing.

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