So, this is the "Land, Sea, and Air Burger" that Leonard was talking about

Much like the Sasquatch, the "Land, Sea and Air Burger" is a mythological beast that is the stuff of legendary internet fodder. Few have seen it with their own eyes, and even fewer can bring themselves to actually order this monstrosity. This morning on Kent & Alan, Leonard shared this off-menu secret with us. Turns out, it's real.

A Big Mac stacked with a Fillet o' Fish and a McChicken, topped with optional french fries (on the actual burger), this hefty sandwich delighted Leonard so much when he discovered it on the internet that he had to share it on the air -- however, he didn't actually want to try the thing*.

But through some not-so-deep Googling, I was able to find a video of some kids who did take the plunge and recorded their sampling. The golden line from the tester?

"It's not immediately terrible."

If you order one of these burgers, can you send us a photo? We'd love to see it.

*Full disclosure: There is a McDonald's right near our STAR studio, and, when prompted, Leonard said he would absolutely not go order a LS&A Burger, no matter how much I tried to cajole him. Being that I am a vegetarian, I also decided to pass on this epic sando.

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