Sexist? Entertaining? The jury's still out on Seth MacFarlane

Depending on who you ask, Seth MacFarlane was either the best or the worst host the Academy Awards have ever seen. Was he funny, charming and just edgy enough? Or was he sexist, racist, offensive and long-winded? According to the internet, all of the above.

Buzzfeed compiled a list of the most sexist things he said (including that entire intro song about boobs), the Daily Beast called it "juvenile," People magazine said he "didn't work," and the LA Times noted that "he wasn't very funny. Which is a pretty big problem for a comedian."

Meanwhile, the Hollywood Reporter paints MacFarlane's hosting job as a win against stacked odds, and the Chicago Times called the performance "relaxed and confident." Fellow comedians like Seth Rogan praised his performance, as did Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence.

The response was similarly mixed on social media sites. Tweets calling him the best Oscars host were sandwiched between those which called him unfunny, offensive and just plain boring.

And while everyone can agree on his impressive pipes -- his singing was one of the few aspects of the show that's been universally praised -- for the most part, there appears to be no general consensus. But the numbers don't lie; whether you loved him or hated him, last night's Oscars helped ABC reach their heighest ratings since the 2007 show. So clearly, MacFarlane was doing something right. Or not. It's kind of hard to say.

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