Set your DVR: Amanda Knox's Diane Sawyer interview airs tomorrow

On the same day as the release of her new memoir, "Waiting to Be Heard," Seattle native Amanda Knox's primetime special, which includes an in-depth, pre-taped interview with Diane Sawyer, will air on KOMO 4. The interview is Knox's first since being aquitted and re-tried by the Italian courts.

According to teasers from the book and interview, as well as a recent interview with People magazine, Knox's experience in prison was harrowing -- cripplingly lonesome, riddled with sexual assault and violence, and consistently afraid for what was in store, Knox says that she even contemplated suicide.

With a new trial approaching, some critics are wondering why she's releasing the tell-all book. But, Knox tells People, she has good reason.

"I'm tired of speculation," she explains, "I wanted to lay myself out in a completely honest way."

The interview will air tomorrow night during ABC News Primetime at 7pm. You can see clips from the special here.

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