Seattle named the smartest city in North America

Maybe it's all those Amazon and Microsoft brainiacs who are tipping the scales, but either way, Fast Company seems impressed with the Emerald City's clever ways -- they've named Seattle the smartest city in North America.

Based on various data metrics ranging from how much creativity is fostered to how transparent the local government is, Fast Company sized up North America's major urban hubs. The results? That Seattle's entrepreneurial spirit attracts and retains smart folks, bumping the city up a few spots from last year's ranking.

Between our emphasis on innovative academics and initiatives and our startup-friendly economic climate, Seattle has no problem getting educated, insightful people to move here and stay, according to the numbers. Our emphasis on sustainability doesn't hurt, either; according to Fast Company, being smart about the environment is a big indicator of overall civic intelligence.

Below Seattle, Boston and San Francisco tied for second, followed by Washington DC, New York and Toronto. Portland took the 8th spot, getting a nod for the progressive development of the city's waterfront.

Seattle often makes lists like this -- though they're not usually so flattering. Most recently, the Seattle area ranked 4th in traffic congestion, and was cited as one of the snobbiest cities. Seattle was also notoriously called out for the ho-hum fashion of its residents, though maybe that's because we're too busy solving problems than picking out clothes.

You can see the full list of Smartest Cities in North America here.

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