Seahawks fans are trying to break a Guinness World Record for noise

Attention 12th men (and women): It's time to start warming up your vocal chords. This year, you could help cheer the Seahawks to a win both on the field -- and in the Guinness Book of World Records.

An independent group of Hawks fans called Volume 12 is spearheading the award campaign, which they announced has been officially accepted by the big definitive records book. Volume 12 made the announcement on Friday.

"We are officially on count down to break the world record for crowd roar at a stadium against the 49ers Sept 15th!" the group's official Facebook page explained.

Crowd noise, which is measured in dbA, a specialized measurement for environmental sounds, is known to reach excessive levels inside CenturyLink Field, often knocking opponents off their game and causing false starts in play -- but can it top the current champion, the Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey, which set the record back in 2011 with a volume of 131.76 dbA?

According to the Seahawks, the crowd noise as the CLink has been measured at around 112 dbA, or about as loud as a jet plane. The human pain threshold is 120 dbA.

Volume 12 is asking fans who turn out for the September 15th game against the San Francisco 49ers to invite their especially loud friends and family and use the hashtag #TurnUpTheVolume to encourage extra volume.

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