Rumors of a Joe Jonas sex (and drugs and booze) tape called "completely false"

Joe Jonas made waves years ago when he admitted to taking off his much-talked-about purity ring, but since then, few people have had much interest in the 23-year-old's personal life...until now, because, well, there are some rumors floating around that the middle JoBro may have an incriminating (and intimate) tape floating around.

Reps for Taylor Swift's ex have vehemently denied that, somewhere in the world, there's a sex tape involving him, girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler, some illicit substances and yes, even a sex toy or two.

"There is no truth or validity to the story," DJ Danger's people told TMZ, adding that "it is completely false."

Jonas himself even took to Twitter, though his denial was a little less absolute.

"ball gag? really? me? come on guys."

Hey, no judgement, Joe. It takes all kinds.

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