REVIEW: 'This Is The End' is actually funny, 'Man of Steel' is pretty strong

Opening Today: MAN OF STEEL (B) Up, up and almost away. Get the full review here.

Opening Today: THIS IS THE END (A-) A post-apocalyptic, cinematic, frat buy kegger...but also one of the funniest movies in a long time. Find out why it works.

Movies to look forward to in June:

MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (6/21; Pixar), WORLD WAR Z (6/21, Pitt), THE HEAT (6/28, Bullock/McCarthy) and WHITE HOUSE DOWN (6/28, Tatum/Foxx)

See It, Rent It or Skip It; in theaters now:

THE INTERNSHIP (rent it), NOW YOU SEE ME (rent it), AFTER EARTH (skip it), FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (see it), EPIC (skip it), THE HANGOVER PART III (skip it), STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (see it), THE GREAT GATSBY (skip it), IRON MAN 3 (see it), PAIN AND GAIN (skip it), OBLIVION (see it), MUD (see it) and THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (see it)

Available right now on DVD/Bluray:
Unlike many other critics, I didn't really care for the movie I was supposed to like (OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL; C-) and kind of enjoyed the one I probably shouldn't have (HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS; C+)

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