REVIEW: 'Pacific Rim', 'Lone Ranger,' -- and Brian's favorite 80s movies

Opening Today: PACIFIC RIM (B-) Find out by Brian doesn't think this "bigger, louder and less obnoxiously self indulgent, OCD-laced, acid flashback kind of nightmare that causes director's like Michael Bay to excitedly wake in a cold sweat" doesn't quite work for the big screen in the full review.

Already in theaters: THE LONE RANGER (D+) Silver?! More like 'Hi Ho Bronze'or even pewter. Is this the summer's biggest flop?

Movies to look forward to in July:RED 2 (7/19; Willis, Mirren, Malkovich), RIPD (7/19; Reynolds, Bridges), TURBO (animated) and THE WOLVERINE (7/26; Jackman) See It, Rent It or Skip It; in theaters now:THE LONE RANGER (skip it), DESPICABLE ME 2 (see it), WORLD WAR Z (see it), MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (see it), THE HEAT (see it), WHITE HOUSE DOWN (rent it), MAN OF STEEL (rent it), THIS IS THE END (see it), THE INTERNSHIP (rent it), NOW YOU SEE ME (rent it), AFTER EARTH (skip it), FAST AND FURIOUS 6 (see it), THE HANGOVER PART III (skip it), STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (see it)
Available on DVD/Bluray:
The Jackie Robinson baseball flick, 42 (B-) Additionally: MY TOP 20 MOVIES OF THE 80's! TANGO AND CASH almost made the cut. Almost!
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