Poll: People like lice, the DMV, hemorrhoids more than congress

What's worse than a government shutdown? Twerking and heroin, according to Public Policy Polling poll released yesterday. However, that's about it.

Hipsters, head lice, the DMV and even hemorrhoids were rated more favorably than lawmakers, who, as the government shutdown continues to keep workers furloughed and threaten the U.S. economy, are rapidly losing favor.

The poll asked over 500 registered voters to rate various items and people, compared to other items and people. Questions on the poll were phrased in comparisons, for example, "What do you have a higher opinion of: Congress or Miley Cyrus?"

The data was then examined and the rating of favorable/unfavorable was calculated. From the polling data:

...Public figures are some of the only people that registered voters dislike more than the legislature. Americans thought higher of Congress when asked about Vladimir Putin (49/28), Charles Manson...Honey Boo Boo...and Miley Cyrus...with 'twerking' also four points below Congress.

Lindsay Lohan and the ebola virus were found to be less popular than Congress.

Among the things that were more favorable than the government right now?Witches, mothers-in-law, public radio fundraisers, cockroaches and jury duty.

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