Paul McCartney and Katy Perry are buds who swap songwriting tips!

LONDON (AP) Even a star who has been performing for more than 50 years sometimes wants a do-over.

Sir Paul McCartney sang his new song "New" at a taping of "The Graham Norton Show" in London on Thursday then decided he wanted a second take. The former Beatle's instincts were right on target: round two had much more verve.

McCartney and pop princess Katy Perry also gave a master class in songwriting at the taping. McCartney says he and late writing partner John Lennon expected to come away with a song every time they brainstormed. Perry, who says she's "an observer of life," carries around a recorder to stash away phrases that strike her fancy.

McCartney later treated the audience to a rousing song not on his new album: "Lady Madonna."

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