Open and Shut: This week's restaurant round-up

Ready for the weekend? Of course you are. But before you make dinner plans, check in to see what new hot spots are opening -- and which have closed up shop.

This is a great weekend in Seattle food. Most people will be talking about Ethan Stowell's mkt., which opened two weeks ago, but there are plenty of other new openings, too. Meanwhile, there don't seem to be any new closures to report, largely because no new restaurants have been shutteredby King County's health inspectors in the last seven days.


  • Bauhaus: After bidding farewell to the original Bauhaus two weeks ago, the cafe's second location on Market Street is open and ready to serve. The new Capitol Hill location, which will be in the old Capitol Club building, is not yet open.

  • Quadrato: West Seattle has a new pizza and sandwich shop, which is owned by the same person who runs Pizzeria 22. The location, which is on Southwest Oregon in the Junction is very small -- but that's never stopped Seattleites from forming a line.

  • Ballard Bridge Cafe: When The Counter unexpectedly closed last year, a hole was left in the Ballard Blocks development -- a hole which has now been filled by Ballard Bridge Cafe, which will serve breakfast and lunch.

  • Triumph: Wine. So much wine. Just so much wine. This new Queen Anne bar is mostly a wine and small-plates kind of place, but the owners say it's more than just a wine bar. Guess you'll have to pop in and find out.

  • Terra Cole Butchery and Fine Foods: Jumping on the local, sustainable, farm-to-table trend that Seattleites love, this West Seattle butcher shop offers all the meaty things you need, as well as a deli for lunch on the run.


There are no new closures to report that we know of. If you know of any, let us know!

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