No, Michael Bubl does not want to sing at your stupid wedding

Crooner Michael Bubl may be a favorite for first dances, but he does not want to perform in front of all of your family and friends as they celebrate your life choices. And even if he did, you couldn't afford him.

Bubl told an Irish publication that he gets approached with the opportunity to sing sweet music to newlyweds "every day."

"...People are so cute about it," Bubl explained to RT Ten, "they will literally look at you and they will be so sincere and say, 'Listen, my daughter is getting married in August and if you could come, honestly your whole band, they will eat and drink for free.'"

But, says the Canadian vocalist, he has a hard time being straightforward witht he people who ask.

"And I'm like, 'OK I'll be there,' but of course, I will never be there," says the singer.

Not even his many celebrity friends get a break from the busy Bubl...unless they get some bubbly in him.

"Even if they are celebrities and they ask me to sing I say, 'No, just invite me and let me be a guest,' and then of course I am hammered two-hours in and they can't stop from singing, so basically just get me hammered and I will come to your wedding.'"

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