No, Cher is not dead (no matter what Twitter says)

An unusually-worded hashtag has led to some confusion (and even a little panic) on Twitter today. The passing of Britain's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has alarmed fans of a very different kind of powerful woman: Cher.

The hashtag in question, #nowthatchersdead, is supposed to read "now Thatcher's dead." But the online homage to the Iron Lady has apparently confused fans of the Goddess of Pop, who believe that it reads "Now that Cher's dead."

Started by the creators of the website "Is Thatcher Dead Yet?", #nowthatchersdead was supposed to bring attention to the website. Instead, it has mostly just terrified Cher fans and delighted journalists.

"RIP Cher," read multiple tweets from fans, saddened at the "news" that the iconic singer had passed.

For the record, Cher is still alive.

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