McDonald's threatens to break the entire universe by adding 3rd drive-thru window

McDonald's has apparently decided to break all the rules. First: They expanded into chicken wings. Now, they're adding an unprecedented third drive-thru window, because fast food just isn't fast enough.

Called the "Fast-Forward Drive-Thru," the fast food giant is testing this new method for advancing customers in a more orderly, quick fashion. With the addition of the third window, McDonald's customers have one more place to wait while their order is prepared, theoretically cutting down on the back-up of cars in the drive-thru line.

The third window is evidently an attempt to quell customer complaints that drive-thru service at McDonald's is too slow, and according to franchise owners who have tested the system, it's already sped up the process.

McDonald's didn't pioneer the drive-thru -- that honor goes to Wendy's -- but since the chain first added the to-go system in 1975, the drive-thru has accounted for a majority of the company's sales.

The new method will debut at more McDonald's restaurants nationwide in 2014, a spokesperson told the AP.

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