Martha Stewart narrows her pool of suitors down to just two

Last week, media mogul Martha Stewart announced that she'd considered trying online dating, but that she'd found to be "impossible." However, the 71-year-old seems to have a change of heart, as she is now the site's most sought-after user -- which has left her with a sizable number of potential dates to choose from. With a little help from confidante Matt Lauer, she's whittled the field down to just two lucky men.

"There are two that I could have coffee with," Stewart told Lauer on Monday, but she admitted that the process of sorting through the thousands of messsages she'd received was "time-consuming." And, of course, she's a busy lady.

"I have gardens to plant and horses to ride and all kind of stuff to do," she explained.

Stewart also admitted that she's a fan of public displays of affection, and that she was looking for someone who shared her political beliefs.

Stewart has previously been romantically linked to the likes of Sir Anthony Hopkins and billionaire Charles Simonyi.

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