Mariners fan catches foul ball in his beer, proceeds to chug it (kind of)

Last night's minimally-attended Mariners game may not have ended with a win, but the night wasn't a total wash for at least one fan, who managed to catch a foul ball in his beer cup...and then, right as the camera trained on him, chug the beer.

To be fair, the bulk of the beer ended up on the man's jacket, but still, the moment was pretty exciting to watch. Interestingly, the sportscasters didn't seem to notice what was happening.

Following the catch, the man then proceeded to fish the ball from his cup, drop it, and then hand it off to another man in the stands like a good Samaritan, all while his friends cheered him on and slapped him on the back.

The ball was hit by Seattle's Justin Smoak in the 8th inning.

Better footage of the catch is available on Yahoo!

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