Mama June and Sugar Bear didn't for reals get married (but they did wear camo)

With all the commotion about what "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" stars Mama June and Sugar Bear (real names: June Shannon and Mike Thompson) wore to their supposed nuptials over the weekend, it seems that everyone has glossed over the fact that the two didn't actually get legally married.

Partners for 9 years after meeting online, Mama June and Sugar Bear donned a matching camouflage gown and suit for what sources close to the couple called "a commitment ceremony," according to E! Online.

"It was just like a regular wedding ceremony," a source tells the website -- however, there was no marriage license.

The couple will neither confirm nor deny whether or not the marriage was legally recognized, but June did state that she felt it was important for her daughters to "see this moment and celebrate my love for Sugar Bear."

The ceremony will be broadcast on the show when it returns in July.

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