Lorde: Taylor Swift is too "flawless"

Lorde may be only 16, but she doesn't seem to have a problem throwing shade at pop stars older and much more well known than she is.

The New Zealand-born "Royals" singer recently opened up to "Metro" magazine, explaining what she thinks is wrong with pop music -- specifically, the emphasis on physical beauty.

"Taylor Swift is so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don't think it's breeding anything good in young girls," she noted, adding that she thinks it's "bull----" that young girls would lament never being as pretty.

The remark came just a day after Lorde caught some heat for saying in an interview that she was "sick of" Selena Gomez's some "Come & Get It" and its racy lyrics.

However, the young star quickly qualified the remarks on her Tumblr, stating that the quote "wasn't put in context."

"what i meant was: there's a lot of importance placed on physical perfection in this industry, and i wish my favourite stars didn't look perfect because i think fans (me included) have these feelings of worthlessness, like they'll never be as pretty/talented/whatever, as a result of this intense photoshop culture and the endless strive for perfection," she wrote.

Lorde's outspokenness should come as no surprise; her first hit, "Royals," is all about decrying the obsession with wealth and material belongings in music.

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