Lady Gaga is going into space because of course she is

Lady Gaga is known for her out-of-this-world costumes, but according to reports, in 2015, the 27-year-old "Applause" singer will actually be out of this world -- or at least, this atmosphere.

US Weekly reports that Gaga has penned a deal with English business magnate Sir Richard Branson, whose latest project, Virgin Galactic, was expressly created to make space travel and tourism a reality. Branson is planning a high-tech music festival, called Zero G Colony, for 2015, which will bring together recording artists, innovators and investors.

Gaga is reportedly going to perform at Zero G Colony (on the ground), before blasting off and performing a song while orbiting the earth. She will have to train for about a month prior to her departure, and, sources say, she has taken out a sizable life insurance policy.

Zero G Colony is slated for 2015 and will take place at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

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