Kent is donating those Super Bowl tickets to Seattle Children's

Kent has had season tickets to the Seahawks for years -- but this year he got lucky and was one of the lottery winners for passes to the Super Bowl in New York. He jumped at the chance, but couldn't decide if he wanted to fly out for the big game.

Kent's wife, Kelley, wanted him to sell the tickets, go on a less expensive vacation (and maybe buy a new handbag).

He was he decided to look to Hawks QB Russell Wilson for inspiration.

Wilson, who volunteers every Tuesday at Seattle Children's Hospital, has made it clear that serving his communitee is his highest priority, so Kent decided to do the same. His final decision? Auction the tickets off to the highest bidder -- and give the money to Children's.

"Kelley and I talked about itRussell Wilson is our favorite player and what better way to honor the team and him than donate tickets to Children's and auction them off on the air and put the money to some real good use!" Kent explained.

"We got lucky and got the tickets, our kids both went to Children's when they were young, and this is a chance to pay it forward and help another child."

So, on Monday morning at 6:30 a.m., Kent & Alan will launch a short 2-hour auction on the air. The highest bidder will get the tickets with all the money going to Seattle's Children's Hospital - Russell Wilson's favorite charity.

Want to go to the Big Game? Tune in Monday morning to Kent & Alan and prepare to enter a bidding war for the most coveted tickets in America. All proceeds will go to Children's -- and you get to go to the game.

Airfare and lodging are not covered -- the auction is just for a pair of tickets to the February 2 Super Bowl in New York.

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