Kate Upton responds to teen's YouTube date request: 'I'll check my schedule'

A Los Angeles teenager's bold move may just pay off. 17-year-old Jake Davidson, who asked Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton to the prom via YouTube has gotten a response from the 20-year-old beauty -- and it's actually looking pretty good for him.

The video, which was published on Saturday, already has almost 900,000 views, one of which appears to be by Upton herself, who tweeted a link to it with the following message:

"you can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule ;)"

Yes, Jake got a winky-face from one of Maxim's Hot 100.

"It's the cutest video I've ever seen," Upton told Alicia Quarles of E! News, noting that she was "just so touched."

The two have still not made firm plans.

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