Justin Bieber's mom wrote a (kind of) tell-all book

Pattie Mallette is more than just the mother of one of the most recognizable pop stars in the world -- she's also now an author. Her new book, called "Nowhere but Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom" details her life as a single mom who struggled with drug and alcohol addiction.

Out yesterday, the book is published by Revell, an inspirational publisher. From the copy on the book's Amazon page:

Pattie shares with the world the story of a girl who felt abandoned and unloved. Of a teenager who made poor choices. Of a young woman who attempted suicide and could hardly bear to believe that God would ever care for her. One who messed up, got pregnant, and got a second chance. Every reader will find themselves somewhere in Pattie's painful journey of redemption. They will be encouraged by her example that what was once broken can become whole.

Mallette worked with professional writer A. J. Gregory to tell the story, which also includes hotline numbers and other valuable information for readers who may be struggling with similar issues.

However, despite the fact that Bieber's name is in the title of the book, Mallette told the AP that she was leaving out many of the details of his life, at his request.

"He wants me to continue to respect his boundaries and my relationship with him," she explained.

"I would love to be with him all the time and to be able to ground him and deal with his problems and do all of that stuff, but at some point the parenting style changes. I hope to still be a respected voice in his ear."

The book already has many positive reviews on Amazon.

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