Justin Bieber is doing 'better' following a fainting spell

Justin Bieber can't seem to catch a break. The newly 19-year-old pop star has had a rough few weeks, including the "worst" birthday, the rumors that he'd be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars forkeeping fans waiting hours for a concert, and of course, that weird Twitter meltdown he had on Wednesday. But at last night's O2 concert in London, the Biebs had a true scare.

After becoming short of breathe, the AP reports, he was pulled backstage and treated. Still, like a trouper, he managed to finish his set -- and, according to the O2's Twitter account, he'll still perform tonight, as well.

According to reports, Bieber became short of breath and very sweaty onstage. He then ducked backstage, where he fainted and was given oxygen for about 20 minutes.

Reps for Bieber mentioned that he had gone to the hospital for more answers, and Bieber himself tweeted that he was "feeling better," but that he was also still "figuring out what happened."

Bieber also thanked his fans, who did, indeed, rally for the star. Eyewitness accounts from the concert noted that when it was announced that Bieber was feeling under the weather, fans began gasping and crying with concern.

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