Justin Bieber cancels a concert, prompts everyone to wonder what is going on with him

19-year-old Justin Bieber is not having an easy time. First, there was that bad birthday. Then, there was that London appearance where he kept everyone waiting. He also had a mini-meltdown on Twitter, and passed out onstage. And yesterday, promoter Everything is New announced that he'd canceled the second of two planned shows in Portugal. However, Bieber's people are keeping quiet as to what may be causing his unpredictably behavior.

So far, no explanation has been given as to why Bieber was taken to a hospital in London, or why he's can celled his Portuguese engagement. But there does definitely seem to be something happening with the Canadian pop sensation. Though it could simply be down to too much touring -- Bieber played multiple shows in a row with "Call Me Maybe" singer Carly Rae Jepsen at O2 in London.

Bieber himself, who also lunged at the paparazzi on Friday, has even been relatively quiet on Twitter. He has, though, addressed some rumors that he had also canceled a scheduled appearance on a UK television show, saying that he'd never planned to do the show and that he was fine. He also tweeted messages of appreciation to his fans.

"i love my #beliebers - relax." Bieber tweeted on Sunday, "i always got u. always gonna be there. much love"

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