Jen's Value Village Smart Shopper Tips

This week, it's all about creativity!

Don't get stuck in just one department when you are shopping all the treasures at Value Village. Think beyond the function - you found a great lace table cloth but don't need another table cover - well, turn it into curtains. Or, cut up a long skirt and make it into a scarf. Put a belt around a mens shirt and voila! you've got yourself a new dress.

With more than one hundred thousand items on the floor at any give time, plus new inventory coming out every day, the possibilities are endless.

So, next time you're at Value Village don't just think of a table cloth as a table cloth or a skirt as a skirt - explore the many options you can do with those items.
Happy creative shopping!

Start your shopping adventure today at Value Village - your thrift SUPER store.

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