Is Miley Cyrus telling us the engagement is still on?

In the latest chapter of Miley Cyrus Ring Watch 2013, it appears as though the 20-year-old pop star is sending the world (or at least her 11,537,374 Twitter followers) a message: I'm still rocking the rock.

After the tabloids couldn't agree on whether or not Cyrus and possible-fiance Liam Hemsworth were actually splitting up, the singer tweeted that she was frustrated with all the rumors. However, she didn't exactly quash them...until she posted a photo of herself in a unicorn onesie, wherein the engagement ring was clearly visible.

Another piece of evidence that the two are working through it? Hemsworth, who was in his native Australia and also the Phillipenes for a few weeks, was spotted back in Los Angeles.

Neither of the two have officially commented on the rumored break-up.

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