Holiday gift list: THE hottest toys this year

Forget Furby and Tickle-Me-Elmo; this year, there is no must-have toy that'll have parents fighting in the aisles -- which is a good thing! Instead, there are lots of great choices for kids of all ages. This morning, Kent and Alan spoke to Kerry Smith from Toys"R"Us to tell them what she thought the best picks were for this holiday season.

For baby:

  • The Infantino Grow-With-Me Activity Gym & Ball Pit: "What's great about this is that it's several different toys within one," says Smith. With four plush toys for babies to grab and look at, as well as a play mat and the ability to fold into a ball pit, this is a great bang-for-your-buck baby choice.

For ages 2-4 years old:

  • Disney Doc McStuffins Get Better Checkup Center: Encouraging curiosity and exploration, this multi-faceted aparatus creates space for kids to get get really creative with their play. But, says Smith, the best part about this toy, which is related to the ultra-popular Disney show, "Doc McStuffins," is that it's got a "great price point."
  • Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo: Elmo is taking a break from getting tickled, and instead, has started giving hugs to kids.

    "It's so cute!" says Smith, who explains that this toy "encourages imaginitive play." Smith calls this toy "hot, hot, hot."

For ages 5-7 years olds:

  • FurReal Friends Cuddles My Giggly Monkey Pet: This interactive toy is great for older kids who are looking for a little more out of their play. Not only does she react to the voice of a child, she also has basic features like feeding and diaper changing.

For ages 8+:

  • Razor Crazy Cart: Remember Razor scooters? The Crazy Cart, which kids can drive like a go-kart, is a huge item for older kids this year. The price point is a little higher for this toy -- but it's a great pick for grandparents who really want to rock the holidays.

    "It'll even spin in place, so it's really fun!" says Smith.

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