Hey last-minute voters! Here are your ballot box locations

Today is Election Day, and no matter who or what you're voting for, it's important to get that ballot in. Here's where to drop them today.

Because Washington State votes entirely by mail, there aren't polling stations like there used to be -- but there are secure ballot drop-boxes, which you can use to deposit your ballot up until the 8pm on Election Day, which is today!

But if you're just now getting around to filling in those bubbles, don't put your ballot in a mailbox. Instead, save a stamp and drop them in a designated ballot box or mobile van to ensure they're securely delivered and counted.

Designated ballot boxes can be found all over the State, and are often stationed in front of public or government buildings. Here's a list of where to go, by county:

If you're in another county other than those listed, just look up the elections office for your specific county, and there should be a list or map available. And remember:

  • Sign the back of your ballot's return envelope and

  • Don't write in frivolous names as write-ins; while it may seem funny and harmless, counting ballots costs taxpayers money, and fake names simply slow down the process

Did you lose your ballot? You can even print one out!

Happy voting!

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