Hanson (the band) has a beer -- and you won't believe the name

From boy band to brewers, the brothers of Hanson have switched gears and moved onto beer. And, in a show of more than a little self-awareness, they've named the hootch after their biggest hit single.

Called "Mmmhops" (yes, really), the beer actually isn't new -- the proceeds of the items in the online store, including a t-shirt and a pint glass, benefit the Red Cross's cleanup efforts in Oklahoma following the devastating tornados in May -- but it's recently started drumming up attention as actual distribution draws closer.

For those who may have forgotten their 90s pop music history, the Hanson brothers are Isaac, 32; Taylor, 30; and Zac, 27.

Ultimately, Hanson told The Daily Beast, the beer will be available in 10 states by the end of the year, and will also be available for purchase at the band's tour stops. The band is currently on their "Anthem" world tour.

The idea, the brothers told Grubstreet in August, has actually been brewing for about two years. But how does it taste?

Middle brother Taylor described it as "a very drinkable, very approachable pale ale."

"It has a lot of flavor, it feels good in your mouth, it's a full-bodied beer. The kind of pale ale that allows the super beer hophead and the more causal beer drinker that isn't aware of every kind of microbrew to meet in a very comfortable place, and then to open up that world...this is the beer that will change the way you look at craft beer," he said in the interview.

The band will play the Aladdin in Portland on September 28 and Neumos in Seattle on September 30. Both shows are sold out.

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